April 7, 2012 

Subject: Norival Energy Fuel Enhancer Test 
I am writing you this short note thanking you for introducing me to the Norival Energy Fuel Enhancer. 

 As owner of a PT. Terus Jaya Motor ( AHASS 01155 ) in the highly competitive market  in west Java, I am always interested in looking at product that can increase my competitive edge without compromising on the quality of the finished product. Norival Energy Fuel Enhancer has proved to be one of those unique products that can  help to improve the engine works capacity, the test was implemented on October 5, 2011 until April 5, 2012 with the result:

-Improve fuel efficiency consumption
-Producing higher power on the medium - high RPM
-Improve the engine torque sequence
-Reduce carbon crust on the combustion chamber
- Maintain long lasting period of the ignition components
- Engine rotation more stable in stationary condition (easier to set the carburetor)
- Decrease the gas pollution with low emission 

(data specifically cannot be published due to the different test condition with variation test method and vehicle unit)

I have been especially pleased with the idea of  improving the fuel oil energy to improve the engine works and solving the excess fuel oil usage problem with the instant method and inexpensive cost. 
Best wishes for a productive 2012. 

Rizky L Sugiharto
President Director